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One can hardly depict what he feels when looks at a sunrise, when smells the odor of the young leaves after the first rain in spring... The same is to the Don Sphynx. He has his own unique charm. It is not that easy to choose a right word to describe his appearance. The beauty of these cats is bewitching. Smart body - hairless, silky skin - hot by touch, well-shaped legs with long and thin toes, long tail, expressive muzzle, big ears well set up, and a great enigma hided inside the pair of fathomless almond-shaped eyes.

Sphynxes gained the popularity due to their outstanding appearance and temperament. They are very tender, non-aggressive and kind. Being playful they are not obtrusive. Delicate and self-possessed.

With all their pronounced exotic appearance these cats are rather undemanding. Owners have no problems with grooming, since Sphynxes have no coat or odor other breeds possess. They have unpretentious tastes and do not need any "hothouse" conditions.

Sphynx will bring you joy of observing such a miracle at your own house and will comfort you with the heat of his faithful little heart.

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© Photos made by Valery Sinitsyn & Natalia Sinitsyna

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