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Don sphynx, hairless cats

Don Sphynx Standard

GENERAL: sturdy, medium-sized, with mighty bones cat, body soft, skin texture akin to a soft peach and warm to the touch. Pronounced sexual dimorphism (difference in the general appearance between a male and a female). Very active and sweet-tempered.

HEAD shape is a wedge with prominent cheekbones, eyebrows and eyeballs. FOREHEAD flat very wrinkled in vertical direction. Above eyes wrinkles are arranged horizontally. NOSE middle-sized, straight, with a pronounced stop. Muzzle not long, with a slight pinch, moderately rounded. BITE is determined by the position of upper and lower canines set up close to each other. Canines long, may protrude from under upper lip. WHISKERS curly, thick, may break off so that a cat may have no whiskers at all.

EARS big, set up broad and high, slightly bent forward, open widely, with rounded tips. The outer edge does not cross the line of cheekbone.

EYES middle-sized, almond-shaped, set up at a slightly upward outer angle, moderately open. Color immaterial.

BODY robust, muscular, of middle length, compact, warm to the touch. Rump wide. Deep scrotum. Sturdy boning. Forearms straight, toes long and good-moving.

TAIL long, straight, strong and flexible.

SKIN elastic, as if "excessive", wrinkled on skull, neck, in armpits and scrotum. With young animals muzzle may be covered with short thin hair, longer on cheeks and at the base of ears (ear muff). In winter slight furnishing of the whole body possible. With point colorings residual hair (on muzzle, ears, quarters and tail) admissible. In adult animals the residual covering should disappear by the second year of life. Kittens may wear Rex wavy coat and a bald spot on the head. Curly wrinkles (vibrissa) are obligatory with the newborns. Eyes open early: on the 1st to 3rd day. Variety "Brush" (harsh coat) retains a wavy, often harsh covering of the whole body except for several bald spots on the head, upper side of neck or back. The variety is admissible for pedigree breeding and judging, but not for Champion Certificates competitions.

COLOR immaterial. For each color the judging procedure is separate. All tabby colorings are judged in no respect to pattern and are united in a single group.

PENALIZE (faults): short, round or narrowly shaped head; small ears or ears set up low; round eyes; short, delicate or frail body; short or abnormally pointed tail; hair covering the whole body, undershot up to 2 mm.

DISQUALIFY (defects): entropion, undershot upwards 2 mm.

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© Photos made by Valery Sinitsyn & Natalia Sinitsyna

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