Hairless cats, don sphynxes, Cattery
Hairless cats, don sphynxes, Cattery
Hairless cats, don sphynxes, Cattery


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Hairless cats, don sphynxes, Gloria Amen




"RUBIN KAIRA" (eng. - "ruby of Cairo") is a very young cattery and was registered to the Russian Cat Federation in March, 14 2002.


The cattery is aimed at producing the posterity much better than its parents.


At this we hold to the idea that quantity is not everything. So we pay special attention to the exterior quality of the animals, the competent selection of couples and achievement of new interesting colors. In the atmosphere of strong competition the breeders strive for an expressive individuality for their own animals. This is why we think that a laborious and thorough work is very important for getting the litter of an excellent quality.


Today there are 10 stud animals at the cattery, and I'm glad to introduce some of them to you on my web pages and to show their posterity.





Tel: + 7 (499) 619-32-81, +7 926-532-99-42 (Moscow, Russia), e-mail:
© Photos made by Valery Sinitsyn & Natalia Sinitsyna

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